We help emerging entrepreneurs elevate their leadership to the next level and drive change - on purpose.



Looking for an inspirational experience for your company employees or conference visitors? Book Tina for an easy to follow and yet insightful keynote on the power of purpose, technology, and entrepreneurship.


As pioneers in coaching as a management practice in Germany we will help you align your mission with your values. Schedule a consultation to empower your management, as a team or individually.


Change is a constant part of life and business. Listen to our podcast to stay informed and get inspired through conversations with role models that drive change on purpose.


Big Heart Ventures

Purpose-driven Entrepreneurship for the Next Age of Technology


Do you want to build a company? You will be building a world. Do it on purpose.

Increasing technology efficiency has set us free to start a business at a cost lower than ever before. Doing the things right is a given. In the face of global challenges, it’s about time to focus on doing the right things as well.

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